Creating a space between home and work that small business can be creative and thrive.

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Nurturing Ambitions: "3rd Space Marketing" fosters business dreams, ensuring they thrive.

Redefining Workspaces: We offer an innovative "space between," beyond home and office constraints.

Your Growth Partner: Not just a service, we're your mentor, guiding every entrepreneurial vision to fruition.

What We Do

In a world where businesses often find themselves confined to the limitations of traditional workspaces or the distractions of working from home, "3rd Space Marketing" emerges as the oasis of opportunity. It is not just a physical space but a mindset, a realm where the boundaries of convention blur and innovation takes the center stage.

Geoff Wood

Co-Founder of HeBrews Coffee Company.

Colton Rucker

Founder of Voixly and Co-Owner of The Dock Line Inc.

Cultivating Business Dreams

Here, in this "space between," businesses are not just operated; they are nurtured. The dreams that once seemed distant or unattainable are now within arm's reach, thanks to the tools, resources, and environment that "3rd Space Marketing" provides. This space recognizes the untapped potential of small businesses and offers them a fertile ground to plant their ideas, care for them, and watch them grow into thriving enterprises.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, "3rd Space Marketing" is more than a service. It's a partner, a mentor, and a cultivator of dreams. In this space, possibilities are endless, creativity is celebrated, and dreams are not just dreamt but lived.

Embrace the "Space Between": In today's competitive landscape, businesses should seek environments that nurture and prioritize their growth. Instead of getting bogged down by traditional workspace limitations or home distractions, find or create spaces—physical or mental—that foster innovation and clarity.

The Space Between

"We aim to empower others by replicating our own success, crafting a space where business dreams seamlessly transform into creative realities."

Our Experience

Guided by our journey, we've carved out a realm where dreams ignite business creativity.

Embrace Authenticity

Drawing from your own journey and successes not only adds credibility but also fosters genuine connections with your audience. Authentic narratives resonate more deeply.

Cultivate a Dream-Focused Environment

A space where creativity is prioritized can be the bedrock for innovation. Surround yourself and your team with inspiration, resources, and tools that nurture these dreams.

Continuous Learning

Even if you've achieved success, the business world is ever-evolving. Stay committed to learning, adapting, and refining your strategies to remain relevant and impactful.

Foster Collaborative Energy

Collaboration often sparks the most innovative ideas. Encourage brainstorming sessions, open dialogues, and team discussions to keep the creative energy flowing and dreams alive.



The DIY Marketing and Networking Event

It’s that time again for the 3rdspace marketing network event!!

Key Takeaways:

Dive into 'CONNECT & CREATE: The DIY Marketing and Networking Event,' brought to you by 3rd Space Marketing. This unique blend of professional insights and fun offers a day packed with expert-led workshops, practical DIY marketing tips, and vibrant networking opportunities. Perfect for entrepreneurs and marketers eager to upgrade their strategies and forge meaningful connections. Experience a dynamic environment where learning meets play, empowering you to boost your brand with the latest trends and actionable solutions. Join us for an event that promises not only to enhance your skills but also to expand your professional network in an energetic, collaborative setting. Transform your marketing approach and unlock new possibilities for your business. Let's innovate, network, and create together!

Why Attend?

Learn actionable strategies
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Gain hands
  • On experience with your mobile device

Limited Seats Available! Reserve Your Spot Now:

Event Details:

Date: May 1st 2024

Time: 10:00 AM

Venue: The Dock Line

33219 Forest West St. Magnolia, Texas 77354

Dress Code: Casual (Come as yourself!)

Enhancements to the Workshop:

Focused Learning: Dive deeper into customer engagement and brand growth strategies.

Networking Opportunity: A dedicated session for connecting with other like-minded business owners.

One-on-One Coaching: Limited slots available for personal brand consultations.

Community Building: Join a network that celebrates and supports authentic branding.

Ideal Attendees:

Entrepreneurs seeking to deepen their brand engagement.

Marketing professionals aiming for innovative engagement strategies.

Business owners ready to take their brand to the next level of authenticity.

Join us at "CONNECT & CREATE - The DIY Marketing and Networking Event" for an insightful, interactive experience. Elevate your brand, network with fellow business owners, and chart a course for genuine, lasting brand growth.

    • At Village Heights Church, our mission has always been to connect with souls and foster a sense of community. However, reaching beyond our local boundaries was a challenge until we collaborated with 3rd Space Marketing. Their distinctive strategies took our heartfelt messages and turned them into resonant narratives that touched hearts globally. Thanks to 3rd Space Marketing, Village Heights Church is no longer just a sanctuary for our local community; it's a viral beacon of hope and connection.

    • Hebrews Coffee Company

      When we started HeBrews Coffeehouse, our passion for coffee was clear, but breaking through the noise of countless coffee shops was a challenge. Enter 3rd Space Marketing. Their unique approach took our humble coffeehouse story and amplified it in ways we hadn't imagined. Suddenly, HeBrews wasn't just a local favorite; we were a viral sensation. With 3rd Space Marketing, we didn't just serve coffee; we served an experience that the world wanted a taste of.

    • Moffitt Services

      Before partnering with 3rd Space Marketing, Moffitt Services was a strong contender in the local arena. But with 3rd Space's innovative and dream-centric approach to branding, we witnessed a shift. Their strategies elevated our brand identity, resonating deeply with our target audience across the nation. Today, Moffitt Services stands tall as a recognized national brand, and we owe a significant part of this transformation to the expertise and guidance of 3rd Space Marketing.


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